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Antique books have become increasingly popular amongst collectors and those interested in history. Antique books and rare first edition books can be difficult to track down, until now! Love Antiques has brought a wide variety of antique books together for you, in one convenient location. No more trawling second-hand stores for antique books, just hoping to strike it lucky. No more worrying if the old books you find are authentic antique books or first editions. 

1855 A Handbook of Proverbs by Henry G. Bohn

£ 65

Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee, 1st Edition, 1959

£ 110

Mons J Gaubaud - Seventeen Heads

£ 245

Tales of Three Cities in Manchuria by Kinnosuke Adachi

£ 110

1870 The Gentleman's Pocket Book Almanack

£ 70

Gleanings from popular Authors, 1882,

£ 50


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It’s not likely you’ll come across that antique book you’ve been searching for without a little help. LoveAntiques is a frontrunner when it comes to sourcing dealers with antique books, vintage books and first edition books for sale. Our website removes all the worry when it comes to buying antique books online. The LoveAntiques book dealers service the UK and throughout Europe, providing exceptional service and quality antique books for sale.  

If you’re a book collector, you must check out LoveAntiques selection of antique books before you make your next purchase online. When you buy antique books through you can be 100% sure you’re dealing with reputable antique book dealers. LoveAntiques has an incredibly stringent screening process when it comes to their antique book dealers, and only the best are given the opportunity to list their rare books for sale.  

In addition to the screening process, you can contact the antique book dealer directly online. If you have questions about the antique book even after reading the detailed product descriptions, satisfy those curiosities before you buy antique books! Our antique book dealers are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to their antique books and will be only too happy to answer questions about rare editions, out of print books, dust jackets, and even children’s literature

Even if you’re not an antique book collector, you might know someone who is. Rare books and first editions make thoughtful gifts for people who value history and the finer things in life. Antique bibles and antique illustration books for children can set alight the imaginations of an entirely new generation; what an amazing investment for a grandparent to gift their new grandchild.  

Vintage Books and Antique First Edition Books For Sale Online 

When you buy antique books from LoveAntiques, your items will be shipped with care from the book dealer, directly to your home. Secure payment methods make purchasing antique books online stress-free. You can search for hundreds of book titles on our easy to navigate website, and enter in search parameters if you’re looking for a particular antique book. 


When you find the vintage book you’re looking for, our trusted dealer will outline particulars of the antique book in the product description. This might include condition, rarity, collectability, and age. This is all important information for the serious antique book collector.  

Whether you collect antique books for their subject matter, the vintage books age, or rarity you can rest assured you'll find an antique book that takes your fancy at LoveAntiques.  


In addition to the antique books content, there is no denying vintage books are mesmerizing to look at. Leather bound books that have survived decades and sometimes centuries, weathered pages that must have been read a thousand times! Antique illustrations and language of yesteryear are reminders of a forgotten time.  


If you’re a book collector that’s serious about antique books, you’ve found your dream ‘library’ here! LoveAntiques connects book dealers and book collectors in a secure online environment. Browse the (web) pages at LoveAntiques today and find the next antique book to take pride of place in your antique book collection.  


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