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Daum - Maker

The Daum Art Glass studio was founded by Jean Daum in Nancy, France in 1878. From the start they used the pâte-de-cristal techniques to create beautifully layered colours and then etching and carving to accentuate the look and bring out those colours and forms. The Daum factory came to prominence during the Art Nouveau period and became a member of the French Ecole de Nancy craftsmen who perpetuated the look in France. Upon the death of their rival Emile Galle in 1904 Daum would become the leading French art glass producer of the early 20th Century. The beauty of Daum glass is their skill of building a visually 3d image from layered colours and remain highly collected today. At LoveAntiques we have a good selection of antique and vintage Daum glass all from trusted and knowledgeable seller. 

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