11/30/2023 23:35:26

George Hepplewhite - Maker

George Hepplewhite was a noted English cabinetmaker working during the 18th Century. He died in 1786 and while little is known about his work while alive, in 1788 his widow published a pattern book entitled ‘The Cabinet Maker & Upholsterers Guide’ which showcased 300 of George’s designs. This book would become as influential as those by his contemporaries Thomas Chippendale or Thomas Sheraton. The Hepplewhite style embraced refined forms with slender bars or legs and curvaceous surfaces. While the style declined in popularity during the early 19th Century, it was revived at the beginning of the 20th Century. At LoveAntiques we have a fine selection of antique and vintage furniture influenced by the Hepplewhite Style.

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