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Gillows of Lancaster - Maker

Also known as Gillows

Gillows of Lancaster were a leading manufacturer of furniture during the 18th and 19th Centuries. Established around 1730 by a cabinet maker named Robert Gillow, within a few years his workshop was being recognised for its superior quality of construction and use of desirable Mahogany. They would become one of the largest furniture producers outside London and despite their increased use of mechanisation, maintained their strong reputation throughout the Victorian period. Gillows also won contracts to furnish leading public buildings around the world. 

In 1903 Gillows was bought out by a rival company Warings and subsequently renamed Waring & Gillows. This partnership lasted until 1990 when the joint company was itself merged with Maple & Co. Today collectors and decorators still covet the Gillows quality stamp. At Love Antiques we have a large and ever-changing selection of antique and vintage furniture by both Gillows of Lancaster and Waring & Gillows.

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