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World War 1 Era Marble & Brass Royal First Devon Yeomanry Paperweight from Century Antiques

Ive sold a few antique military paperweights in the past and theyve all been cast brass examples or glass ones containing cap badges or buttons This example appears to be


$57 €50

Rare Asprey & Co. 9 Karat .375 Solid Gold Double Folding Pocket Quill Cutter Penknife from RegencySilver Antiques

This is a rare and excellent quality Asprey Co 9 karat solid gold double folding antique penknifeThe blades are stainless steel each stamped Stainless Steel Made in Sheffield9 Karat


$870 €770

C.P Goerz Trieder Binocular. 1905. Serial No 89592, 9x20. Rare with Original Case from Binoculars and Collectibles

Fully working and mechanically excellent giving collimated and well-focused viewing following 113 years Rack and pinion adjustment still smooth and precise no chips or damage to internal prisms with a


$90 €80

Rare American Doughboys Soldiers 1WW Fighting Knife with Scabbard from Breedon Antiques

Untouched from first made factory ordinance stamped for 1912 a much over the top knife condition is good will look much better when professionally polished the original scabbard is very


$638 €565

Naval Dagger C.1905 from Inspire

This is a delightful and decorative high-grade officers Naval DaggerChief Captain Prize award HMS BRITANNIA December 1905


$645 €571

WW2 German Naval Officer’s Dress Dagger from Breedon Antiques

Genuine issued condition excellent seems to have been chromed by previous owner rare maker stamped on the blade that is in good condition though would look better polished offering free


$580 €514

Binocular Khaki Webbing Strap WW1 or WW2. Excellent Original Condition from Binoculars and Collectibles

Binocular military binocular Khaki strap normally associated with Kershaw Taylor Hobson Watson Baker and Ross 6x magnification Army issues In excellent condition with secure buckle in addition to the brass


$36 €32

Kershaw Vanguard Binocular. 7X50 Mag. Serial No. 70077 c.1950 from Binoculars and Collectibles

Kershaw vanguard binocular7x50 mag Serial No 70077 1950sRef 1750The Vanguard model from Kershaw was manufactured between 1947-1958 the year that Kershaw ceased binocular sales Solidly built to military standards its


$342 €302

Japanese Samurai Tanto c.1750 from Breedon Antiques

18th Century antique Japanese samurai Tanto condition is good comes in original scabbard length in total 35cm tang not signed


$1,612 €1,427

Japanese Tanto C.1750 from Breedon Antiques

Offered for sale is this Japanese Tanto which is in superb condition and early consider 1750 tang unsigned comes with signed Kozuka offering free delivery reference CC


$1,934 €1,712

Rare Antique Powder Flask, 18th Century, Russian Silver Plated Powder Flask from StolenAttic

This is a spectacular piece of antique military history dating back to the 1700s this incredible Russian powder flask is built from heavy solid brass and has been silver platedIt


$1,933 €1,711

Japanese Carved Bone Wakizashi Samurai Sword from LT Antiques

This samurai sword has a really decorative carved handle Tsuka and sheath Saya Made from bone and intricately carved with oriental scenes Stand not includedOverall length in Saya 90cm355Sword length


$896 €793

Antique Ww1 Tambourine, Hand Painted with Poppies, Remembrance, Folk Instruments from StolenAttic

This is an antique WW1 tambourine hand painted with a beautiful scene of poppies to signify Remembrance of those who lost their lives to the first world war The beautiful


$630 €558

Katana Japanese Sword from Breedon Antiques

Comes in military mounts of the 2ww has nice leather scabbard the signed blade is in good condition offering free delivery


$1,612 €1,427

African Hand Spear from Badger Collectables

Angolan in origin this hand spear is around 36 long It has a crocodile head and is in really good condition Keep it by your bed


$46 €41

Beet / Turnip Topper from Badger Collectables

Lovely Victorian BeetTurnip harvester and topper Blacksmith made and forged from a bayonet see tell-tele grove down the blade Very siloed wooden handle with a tight fit 18 long Price


$45 €40

18th Century Wakizashi Japanese Samurai Sword from Breedon Antiques

Superb sword in original condition being-old would look much better if professionally polished suba is iron handle has nice furniture condition of which is very good tang not signedsuperb eating


$2,256 €1,997

Victorian British Army Officers Sword from Breedon Antiques

Very good condition blade has superb decorations and in good condition scabbard has odd dent but still sturdy consider light infratry owner said was his great grandfathers who was in


$509 €451

Ministry of Defence Cast Boot Moulds from BPM Reclamation

This is a rare Ministry of Defence boot mouldsStamped 1947


$193 €171

U Boat Binoculars WWll Issue from Breedon Antiques

Taken from a U Boat that surrenders at Liverpool docks at end of the end of hostilities in 1945 rare items condition is good even has three filters nice original


$3,223 €2,853

Leather Bound British Army Officers Swagger Stick Come Sword Stick from Breedon Antiques

Consider Victorian and from the period of the Raj very good condition has the odd blemish as to be expected from the age of this swagger stick total length 57cm


$419 €371