Antique Military Uniforms

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Rare Army Ordnance Belt Buckle with

Dating from the very early 20th century this is a rare Ordnance belt buckle emblazoned with the South Africa 18991900 campaign battle honour A battle honour is the award by


$71 €62

Naval Lieutenant

This is a late 19th early 20th Century Naval Lieutenants Bicorn dress hat Exterior dressed with beaver skin with a black lace webbing and gold brocade to the right side


$369 €323

Post War Russian Military Afghanka Type Cap with Mostly Soviet Communist Related Badges & Patches from Brunswick Antiques

This is a post war Russian military Afghanka type cap with 18 enamel badges and 3 cloth patches Mostly Communist related


$84 €74

Very Rare German Military Helmet c.1930 from Breedon Antiques

This is a genuine pre World War 2 helmet Condition being in the pictures comes with genuine decals and liner and chin strap


$582 €510

Early 19th Century Engraving Illustrating "the Soldier

This is a rather fine engraving of a sentimental poem entitled The Soldiers Daughter by Thomas George Ingall A soldier returns from the wars and bumps into his orphaned


$58 €51