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Welcome to Love Antiques, the marketplace that unites buyers and sellers of antique art and showcases thousands of different antique oil paintings and pastel artwork for sale. Art Dealers from throughout Europe advertise antique art for sale online using our online portal, and you can rest assured that you are dealing with reputable sellers as they all go through our vetting process. Purchasing any of the antique paintings for sale is a simple process and is done directly with the seller, and you can also contact the sellers direct if you have any questions before making your purchase. For the best selection of antique wall art for sale, look no further than Love Antiques and browse the extensive range on offer.  

Antique Art for Sale UK & Europe Wide 

The antique artwork for sale on our site is from the highest quality and trusted dealers from throughout Europe, so the antique art for sale that you like will need to be delivered. That is not a problem at Love Antiques as all the dealers on our site can arrange delivery of their vintage paintings, UK and European wide. A significant benefit of this is that you get to select the best vintage art for sale from reputable dealers right across Europe, giving you a much wider choice. If you are into painting yourself, you can even purchase an antique easel and create a masterpiece yourself! We make it easy to find antique paintings for sale that you will love, and when you see something that you like, it is simple to get all the information about the piece before you purchase it. 

Browse Our Website for Different Period Antique Art  

You can browse the Love Antiques website with ease, and you will be able to find antique art that suits both your taste and budget easily. You can search by the century that it was painted, or the style of painting it is whether it is oil, pastel, or any other type. When you see something that catches your eye, simply click on it and you will see a wealth of information about the vintage art in question. You will be able to see a declaration of what the item is, and there will also be a detailed description of it as well. You will be able to see who painted it and when it was painted, the size of the painting, and high-quality images, as well as delivery information and where the dealer location is. Making a purchase is done directly with the dealer, and the process is simple and easy to do, and you can also contact the dealer by sending them an email, calling them on the telephone, or requesting them to call you back directly. You can then ask any questions that you may have and even haggle on the price of the antique art for sale. 

Purchase Antique Art for Sale Online With Confidence 

We aim to make the Love Antiques website as secure as possible which is why you will first need to register an account with us before you can make a purchase, the process takes just a few seconds, and you can click here to register. We also make all antique dealers and sellers register a sellers account before they can advertise their antique artwork for sale, and each one must go through the vetting process to ensure that they are a trustworthy seller. If you are interested in registering as a seller on the Love Antiques website, please click here. When it comes to purchasing high-quality antique art from reputable art dealers and at competitive prices, look no further than Love Antiques, where antique buyers and sellers are united.  


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