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Antique Glassware from LoveAntiques

Antique Glassware

Love Antiques is the number one website for antique glassware in all shapes and sizes, and we have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing rare antique glass to add to your collection or with which to decorate your home. Browse the selection of old glassware and vintage glass for sale from some of the most reputable antiques dealers from mainland Europe and the UK. Purchasing is simple, and you can find out plenty of information about the antique vintage glassware, as well as contact the dealers directly if there are any questions that you have about an item. For the best selection of antique and vintage glassware for sale, look no further than Love Antiques where we are confident you will find something for all tastes and budgets.  

Most Unusual Late 18th Century Engraved Tumbler

£ 380

Silver Gilt and Blue Enamel Perfume Bottle

£ 225

Solid Silver Sugar Basket

£ 295

Large Early 20th Century Ovoid Cut Glass Vase

£ 160

Very Large and Striking Rummer

£ 110

19th Century French Decanter

£ 170

Set of Ten Champagne Glasses

Graham Smith Antiques Ltd

Set of Ten Champagne Glasses

£ 220

Gorgeous Pair of Victorian Etched Champagne Glasses

£ 125


Buy Vintage Antique Glassware for sale UK & Mainland Europe Wide 

When you are looking at the buying old vintage glassware for sale on the Love Antique website, the antiques dealers and sellers can be from across mainland Europe and the UK. A significant benefit of this is that you get a much broader choice of vintage glassware from which to choose. No matter where the vintage antique glassware is located, you will be able to arrange delivery to your location easily, assured by the fact that you are dealing with reputable sellers that have been through our vetting process. You can select from items such as drinking glasses, champagne glasses, a glass vase, or choose from the 20th, 19th, and 18th century glass that is available. When you find some retro glassware or old vintage glassware that catches your eye, you can find out lots more information about the item, and even contact the seller directly.  

Making It Easy to Buy Rare Vintage Retro Glassware 

We have made our website simple to use so that when you see rare vintage glassware for sale that you like, with one click of the button, you get all the information that you need. You will see that there is a declaration of the vintage glass and a detailed description. There is also a lot of other useful information such as the date and where it was made, and the period it is from, as well as where it is currently located, and you will also see a summary of the condition and the size of the piece. If you require information about the vintage retro glassware that you like and cannot find an answer, you can contact the seller directly by either email or telephone, and you can also request that they call you back so you can discuss the item with them in person. 

Purchasing Vintage Glassware Sets with Confidence 

Whether you are looking for a glass decanter with glass tumblers, or you are after a rare vintage glassware set to give as a gift, you can make your purchase with confidence on the Love Antiques website. Before you can make a purchase, you will need to register an account which takes only a few seconds, and once done you can make your purchase with ease, click here to register a buyers account. If you have antique and vintage glassware for sale yourself and you would like to use the Love Antiques website, you can register here and follow the process to set up an account. Once your account has been verified and vetted, you will then be able to sell your items on our site and to set up a sellers account, click here. For the best selection of high-quality antique glassware for sale, Love Antiques is the only place you need to shop.  


Get alerts of the antiques that interest you as soon as they are uploaded