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Chippendale - Cabinet-maker

Also known as Chippendale

Chippendale was one of the leading cabinet-makers of the 18th century in England. Chippendale helped shape furniture designs throughout the mid-18th century and it is argued that he improved fashionable furniture styles and designs. His characteristics shone through in his designs and his talent for adapting already exciting styles into his own versions proved extremely popular with his clients.

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What does Chippendale mean?

Chippendale refers to an 18th century English furniture style that is characterised mainly by its graceful outline and its Rocco style, based off one of the leading cabinet-makers, Thomas Chippendale, who was an English cabinet maker from 1718-1779.

What makes Chippendales so popular?

Chippendale continues to be popular in modern times as the furnishings allows for an attractive and classic feel in the home. There are many different styles of Chippendale furniture, including gothic chippendale furniture and upmarket classic chippendale furniture, allowing customers to fit chippendale furniture into their interior.

How can you identify a Chippendale?

Thomas Chippendale did not use a marker's mark so professionals must carefully identify the items based upon their distinctive features, making each Chippendale piece that much extra special. Although there isn't a maker's mark, there are many unique features that distinguish Chippendales from the rest including each individual furniture's feet - these are always carved with 3 different cabriole styles: the ball and claw, the lion's paw and the simpler round club-type foot.