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Clarice Cliff - Designer

The female ceramic artist Clarice Cliff will always be synonymous with the fun and flamboyance of the Art Deco Period. Born in 1899, Clarice first became interested in ceramic art from her aunt, and by 13 had already begun working in the Pottery Industry as a decorator. In 1927 she was finally given her own Studio at Newport Pottery where she would create the fun and colourful designs we admire today. Clarice’s ‘Bizarre’ range would become one of her most popular, but was born out of the simple need to paint over the random natural blemishes in the body of the object. Although her unique style would loose popularity after WW2, Clarice Cliff continued to create designs through to 1964 when she finally retired.

Because Clarice's wares originally sold well around the world, today there are ardent collectors on every continent. Although some of her patterns are more valuable and desirable than others, all of her works express a sense of freedom few other ceramic artists have been able to match. At LoveAntiques.com we have a wide and ever changing selection of original Vintage Clarice Cliff items for all your collecting needs.

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