3/1/2024, 8:24:48

Lalique - Glass-maker

The French designer Rene Lalique was one of the finest glass designers of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Although Lalique produced works in jewellery, metalware, clocks and more, it is his artistic understanding about the iridescence of glass which would prove the most enduring. During the 1880s onwards Lalique worked closely with several luxury retailers including Cartier, Boucheron and Samuel Bing who all stocked his work. He embraced the natural forms of the Art Nouveau period with ease, and then later during the Art Deco period switched approach to create a range of very stylish vases and car hood ornaments. Rene Lalique died in Paris in 1945 but inspired countless glass artisans since. At LoveAntiques.com we have a fine selection of genuine vintage and antique Lalique items, all offered by trusted and knowledgeable sellers. 

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