2/21/2024, 14:44:40

Emile Galle - Designer

Émile Gallé was a leading French designer during the Art Nouveau Period and founded the influential Ecole de Nancy. He is best known for his beautiful works in glass as well as his marquetry furniture. Gallé was not just a talented draftsman but understood how to push the boundaries of each material to create some unique effects. His glass often incorporated layers of fused glass which was then cut back to create layers of colour and depth in each piece, or he would turn production blemishes such as air bubbles into part of the finished look. 

Gallé’s highly intricate marquetry furniture likewise required an intimate understanding for how different grains and wood tones would complement each other to best effect. At LoveAntiques we have a fine selection of antique Galle pieces for all your collecting and decorating needs. 

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