Antique Display Horns

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Large, Highly Decorative Pair of Buffalo Horns from JMR antiques

A highly decorative pair of Buffalo horns In good condition with an easy wall fitting - can be hung with a single screwbolt


$637 €563

Old Authentic Chinese Tibetan Copper & Brass Horn Embossed with Dragons from Artsubject

Old Authentic Chinese Tibetan Copper and Brass Horn embossed with dragons It makes sound so I suppose has been used as a hornIt is also lovely decorative item for your


$88 €78

Massive Set of Buffalo Horns, Wall Trophy from Elmgarden

This is a very large set of Buffalo horns they are 50 long and 5 acrossThe horns are in good sound condition and are easily hung on a wall as


$446 €394

Pair of Mounted Horns, 1940s from Carpe Articulum Interior and Decorative Antiques

These are a pair of mounted horns profusely decorated with carved engraved deceptions of rats exotic birds and dragons having highlighted eyes


Tusk  Display Holder from Inspire

A custom carved Mammoth Tusk display holder 19th Century 157 cm Length Height 68cm 33 wide


$574 €507

Decorative Pair of Late 19th Century Wall-Mounted Cattle Horns from IM Chaney Antique Furniture

These are a decorative pair of late 19th early 20th century wall-mounted cattle horns united by chased and embossed white metal mounts before a pointed shield shaped plaque


$204 €180

Large Decorative Pair of Antique Marble Mounted Longhorn Steer Horns from Loveday Antiques

This is a very well shaped and decorative pair of marble mounted longhorn steer horns of large proportions standing 64cm high this pair of steer bull horns date to


$701 €620

19th Century Impala Head, Hunting Trophy from Elmgarden

This is a 19th Century Impala Head Hunting Trophy This is the head of an Impala it came from a Victorian collection of similar South african trophies the


$631 €558