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Koos Limburg Jnr

Koos Limburg Jnr. was born in the Netherlands, but has lived in Scotland since 1994 Over the years he has build up a well established and well respected antique business by participation only on important antique fairs in the UK as well as at the continent. Koos has specialised in high quality antiques over the whole range, with the result that he has sold many items to museums whole over the world. That’s why his slogan is: “for the new collector and the museum director.” Koos has a specialist knowledge for all the antiques he offers for sale. His fair display is well known and he is renowned for his imposing artistic and dramatic presentation stands in which he displays his collection of antiques, reflecting their excellent quality. He does not want to be identified as a specialist in one particular field or another, with the result that you can find anything and everything on his stand, covering the whole range of rare and unusual quality items of interest to the first time collector up to the museum director. His parents have been very influential in supporting him and have imbued him a detailed knowledge of, and a huge enthusiasm for the antiques business. Koos feels extremely privileged to have access to such invaluable expertise and guidance together with access to a well stocked family library about works of art and antiques to enable him to carry out detailed research. Koos guarantees to any potential collector that they are in experienced and reputable hands and that all items displayed have been thoroughly researched by him.

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Taxidermy Koodoo

REF: LA410060
Certified DealerApproved listing
Certified DealerApproved listing
Mounted on original dated oak back board with original taxidermy label at the back. The Antelope has been mounted by the famous Naturalists and taxidermists Edward Gerrard & Sons based at 61, college place, camden town, London. They have won a lot of prices (see image)! This is one of a small collection of different hunting trophy's from a Scottish estate.


82 cm
Size tip till tip 82cm


Koos Limburg Jnr has clarified that the Taxidermy Koodoo (LA410060) is genuinely of the period declared with the date/period of manufacture being 1909


In original good used condition

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Date of Manufacture:


24 hours working days despatched


This Taxidermy Koodoo is located in Glen Prosen, United Kingdom

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