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Taxidermy Merino Sheep Head & Shoulder Mount from Rams Head Antiques

This is a good antique taxidermy shoulder mount of a Merino sheep Ovis Aries with impressive curled horns The head is a good size being 60 cms wide across the


$735 €645

Fabulous & Immaculate Large Taxidermy Goose from Piccione Interiors

This is a stunning taxidermy example A Patagonian Goose or Lesser Kelp Goose white standing on a moss covered black base bears Peter Farrington Collection label No 1142This items does


$511 €449

Butterfly Specimen Case c.1920 from Rams Head Antiques

This is a very fine collection of cased butterfly specimens in excellent orderEntomology A Collection of Various Butterflies Native to Russia early 20th century 74 various specimens native mostly to


$364 €320

Butterfly Specimen Case c.1920 from Rams Head Antiques

This is a superb butterfly display case with many fine specimens in beautiful vivid colours and in excellent conditionA collection of South African South American Butterflies nineteen specimens including


$339 €297

Taxidermy Royal Stags Head c.1890 from Athey Antiques

This is a large and very impressive Royal stags head with 12 point antlers shoulder mounted on a shield Some minor wear but overall this handsome stag is in good


$889 €780

20th Century Lady Amherst

A delightful piece of taxidermy which takes it name from the Ancient Greek khrusolophos with golden crest The English name and amherstiae ar a tribute to Sarah Amherst wife of


$991 €870

Cased Pair of Barn Owls from Fagins Antiques & Reclamation Yard

Offered for sale are these cased pair of Barn Owls


$307 €269

Taxidermy Grey Lag Goose from Occleshaw Antiques

This is a lovely grey lag goose in good condition mounted on a wood base


$543 €477

Taxidermy - a Pair of Cased Owls from Camden Antiques

A splendid pair of taxidermy owls cased in their original glass dome Set in a naturalistic setting and dating from the early 20th Century In excellent condition


$1,279 €1,122

Large Mounted Impala Skull with Horns - Uganda 1910 from Richard Elder Antiques

This is a large antique impala skull with horns mounted on an oak shield There is faded lettering to the base of the shield - RHE Uganda - 1903-10The overall


$416 €365

Large Contemporary Painted Buffalo Skull Sculpture Bust Head from Pappilon

Enjoy a discount of up to 40 off in our autumn sale Discount has been applied A large contemporary painted plaster and metal buffalo skull sculpture raised on a rectangular


$644 €565

Massive Set of Buffalo Horns, Wall Trophy from Elmgarden

This is a very large set of Buffalo horns they are 50 long and 5 acrossThe horns are in good sound condition and are easily hung on a wall as


$448 €393

Taxidermy Cock Widgeon from Salisbury Antiques

Offered for sale is this Taxidermy Cock Widgeon


$179 €157

1930s Taxidermy Hawksbill Sea Turtle from Carpe Articulum Interior and Decorative Antiques

This is a fine example of early 20th Century taxidermy hawksbill sea turtle


Taxidermy French Partridge from Williams Antiques & Restoration

This is a taxidermy French partridge is an ebonised and glazed case with foliage groundworkPostage will be extra for this item please contact us for details


$141 €123

Taxidermy Tragopan Temminckii from Carpe Articulum Interior and Decorative Antiques

Temmincks Tragopan are one of the most beautiful pheasants in the world They can be found in forests in Asia India Vietnam Tibet and Norden provinces of ChinaThe IUCN believes


Taxidermy: Naturalized Pheasant from Chrisantique

Offered for sale is this Taxidermy Naturalized Pheasant which is in very good condition


$384 €337

Taxidermy: Naturalized Goat

This is an early 20th Century taxidermy naturalized goats head hunting trophy on oak medallion which is in excellent condition


$767 €673

Carved Wood Pike in Case c.1924 from HUTTON-CLARKE ANTIQUES

A rare and unusual carved wood pike with a naturalistic background in an ebonised case with glass front Sign written below Caught by STurpin at Marlow Nov 6th 1924


$1,017 €892

Good Victorian Stags Head Taxidermy from Rams Head Antiques

This is a good majestic looking Victorian stags head with 10 point antler spread mounted on a solid oak shield The taxidermy is a large head and neck mount with


$1,253 €1,100

South American Butterflies from Salisbury Antiques

Offered for sale are these South American Butterflies on revolving case


$1,272 €1,116