11/30/2023 8:39:43

Loetz - Maker

At the start of the 20th Century the small studio glass making firm of Johann Loetz Witwe was at its height as a celebrated producer of beautiful Art Nouveau inspired glass. The company had originally been founded back in 1836 but had only taken on its name when sold to the widow of Johann Loetz. When her son in law took over the business in 1879 he hired a talented designer named Eduard Prochaska, and together they brought innovation and recognition to Loetz. The firm attended and won medals at many international exhibitions with their most noted pieces being their Phänomen glass. 

Sadly as tastes changed Loetz were unable to maintain their popularity and their output and creativity declined until they eventually closed in 1947. Today collectors still greatly admire the organic beauty and colour of Loetz’s Art Nouveau period works. At LoveAntiques we have a fine selection of antique and vintage Loetz glass all from trusted sellers.

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