Where to find the best antiques for your interior design


If you are interested in creating your own traditional interior full of antiques then it’s important that you know where to find the best items.

Here are the key places to find the items you need to build the best antique interiors:

Antiques sellers


Burr Walnut Cocktail Cabinet c.1910


We at LoveAntiques provide genuine antiques from trusted dealers so you can kit out your home with quality items that you know have been verified and checked.

Whether you’re looking for statement pieces such as cabinets and tables or an entire antique furniture collection to kit out your house you’ll find a great range of options from different time periods and antique sellers.


Antique fairs

Newark Antiques Fair

There are many pivotal antiques festivals taking place throughout the year each year and one of the most famous is the Newark International Antiques & Collectors Fair. It takes place six times a year – the next slot occurring in August – and attracts thousands of buyers and sellers from across the world.

As the largest event of its kind in Europe, this is a key place to find items to build the best antique interior. Located two hours from London by road or 90 minutes via train, it covers 84 acres and is likely to have more than 2,500 stalls for you to look around so it’s well worth a look.


Individual sellers

Although big events can help you find a great range of products in one place, there are times when individual sellers may be able to provide you with specific items you’ve been searching for.

Shopping with private dealers or sellers may take a little longer than the approaches mentioned above but it will mean that you end up with exactly what you want at the end of it.


Auction houses

Auction House

Auction House


A traditional way to buy and sell antiques, auction houses can still help you find those statement pieces you deserve for your interior. If there isn’t one taking place near you then remember that you can also find online auction houses which provide you with easier access to antiques.

One important thing to note here is that it will be harder to check the validity of items which you bid on or buy online so always proceed with caution. Wherever possible, delay handing over cash or officially purchasing an item until you have reviewed it in person and had a valuation completed.


Online inspiration

A Victorian townhouse in London filled with an international design and a mix of antiques http://t.co/cCBp5TeYVM pic.twitter.com/NDPHV65oRw
— LoveAntiques.com (@loveantiques) August 3, 2015


Finally, remember that while you can buy or bid on antiques online and in person you can also find inspiration for your perfect antique interior online. This can be done by looking at social media sites and blogs which centre on the idea of antique interiors.

You’ll find plenty of great pictures here which can not only provide inspiration for your own home but potentially even put you in touch with individuals who may be willing to sell specific items you’re interested in. This may even help you decide whether you want your interior to only include items from a specific period or area or whether you want to adopt a less congruous approach to the design.

If you are thinking of attending an antiques fair this year, take a look at our guide and history of Newark.