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Where to find the best antiques for your interior design
If you are interested in creating your own traditional interior full of antiques then it’s important that you know where to find the best items.... See more
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Who and what to watch out for at Newark Antiques Fair
A highlight of the International Antiques & Collectors Fair calendar is an event which takes place six times a year in Newark. And with the latest instalment of this pivotal event taking place in August, it’s time to see what you need to look out for while attending. Who will be at the fair?…... See more
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Our guide and history of Newark
At Love Antiques, we are eager to help individuals buy and sell antiques and get the interiors they dream of. Newark Antiques Fair is one of the most famous antiques events, taking place at an enormous 84-acre site with as many as 2,500 stands attracting visitors from around the world. To help get you…... See more
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What to bring to an antiques fair
Antique fairs are pivotal events for buyers and sellers interested in antique and vintage items. Just two years ago, this pivotal global market had accumulated £39.7 billion in total sales and was up 8% year-on-year – highlighting the growing popularity it shares throughout the world. As a result, there are numerous antique fairs found…... See more