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Five Different Types of Candle Holders
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Antique Vesta Cases - What are they?!
Have you ever wondered what a Vesta Case is? Well wonder no more. The experts at AC Silver are here to explain all to you, with a little bit of history thrown in for extra measures.... See more
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A Guide to Victorian Silverware
Do you love Antique Silver but simply can't distinguish between your Victorian silver spoons and your Edwardian silver spoons? Well AC Silver have written this helpful guide to identifying Victorian Silverware. Read on to find out more...... See more
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Dealer of The Month - Euro Antique Watches
When it comes to Antique Pocket Watches, you'd be hard pushed to find an Antiques Dealer with as much love and passion for these 'pieces of art' than our Dealer of The Month, Euro Antique Watches. Read on to find out where this passion stemmed from.... See more
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How Best To Clean Your Silver
Regular cleaning is the only way to prevent antique silver from taking on an unflattering tarnished effect, but lots of people don’t like the idea of cleaning their own silver. This guide from AC SIlver will demonstrate the best way to clean your silver, leaving it glistening and gorgeous.... See more
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Antique Silverware for Dining
Have you ever wondered what key pieces of Silverware would have been common place on an 18th Century dining table? Wonder no more; AC Silver have written a blog on just that, so read on to find out more.... See more
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The History of Tea Sets
Throughout the centuries the customs and traditions surrounding the consumption of tea have varied. With this variation we can see the development of what we now know as the tea set. From the very origins of tea, which we can trace back to the Ancient Han Dynasty (206-220BC), the practice of drinking tea has come a long way.... See more
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1950s Engagement Ring Trends
The 1950's was a very exciting time for jewellery, after the Second World War more and more choices were becoming available. Cinema was becoming popular meaning there was more inspiration coming from the silver screen and the actors behind the lens. This meant that more choices of engagement rings were also becoming available and more trends were emerging for us to follow!... See more
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The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement rings have been worn since the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria was given a snake ring by her husband to be, Prince Albert. This ring style then became popular all over England and Europe, as people wished to emulate any item which Queen Victoria wore.... See more