Autumnal Inspiration - Interior Design


The transition from summer to winter is well upon us, the long, light nights evaporated and the shorter days, colder months and bleaker weather has ignited our desire to hibernate. It is a time when we move inside, the home becomes paramount as we seek comfort in our living space. And what better time to redecorate, rejuvenate and replenish our interiors? Autumn’s inspirations are varied and offer ideas for every household, below we outline some of the key design trends for 2015 at this time of year.

A Masculine Moment

This look requires statement pieces, such as dark, heavy woods, it is best to invest in quality furniture, think durability, such as mahogany antique pieces, with brass features. The look favours grandeur and quality, Pip Prinsloo, the design manager of John Lewis Home suggests using “the best materials to stand the test of time.” 

Rustic Retreat

Turn urban space into a place of comfort with inspiration from the countryside. Think natural woods, worn pieces and muted colours. Furniture to help achieve the look includes antique blanket chests, rocking chairs, a sturdy chest of drawers and a welsh dresser. Mix in with tweed fabrics and heavy knits to create a cosy autumnal feel. This look draws inspiration from the wilderness, the earthly outdoors.

A Rustic Retreat

Dramatic Décor

Colours are a large feature of autumn’s interior design trends, but not necessarily the colours we associate with the winter seasons; there will be brighter colours featured in the home. Pieces will be vivid and colourful, although could include glossy black, which would fit well with a gothic Italian designer theme.

Global Fusion

Create a space that combines pieces from across the globe; think fusing patterns, materials and designs from around the world. Draw inspiration from different cultures and combine them together. For example a French Art Deco mirror set above a sideboard with a Japanese art vase displayed upon it, will achieve the desired look.

A Touch of French

The vintage style that draws inspiration from the French has always been a popular look. Furniture is worn and distressed, with paired down wrought iron framed pieces, think antique French bed frames, simplistic chaise longues, pretty lamps, soft patterns with floral motifs and textures. Colours to incorporate include soft greens, pale blues, lemony yellows and deep plums and reds.

A Touch Of French

Blue, Blue, Blue…

Think bold blues; these blues aren’t cold and drab and it is best to mix them with other shades to create warmth. There is a calming element created with this colour, the spectrum of blues is endless, with sapphires, duck eggs and Wedgwood blues to choose from.

A Blue Interior

Contemporary Modernism

The designs of the 1970’s will see a revival, with geometric prints and glamorous styles, alongside abstract pieces. This modernist look is simplistic and effective, it is possible to add a pop of colour with bold patterns or create a statement with monochrome detailing.

Luxurious Leather Furniture

This classical look will never go out of fashion, but this autumn it is particularly on trend. Durable and hardwearing leather furniture is timeless; think of adding a leather sofa or pair of leather club chairs into your living space.

A Pair of Leather Club Chairs Available on

With the nights drawing in and Christmas around the corner, any one of the above ideas will refresh the look of your home ready for the winter ahead. 

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