Winter Warmers


Shorter days, darker nights and cold weeks approach us with winter looming, it is the time of year when we all move inside and our creature comforts are more important than ever. Snuggled up on the sofa in front of the fire, we truly enjoy our living spaces and what better way to celebrate this than with some welcome winter antique accessories for the home.

Antique Candlesticks

Candlesticks were the first means of lighting our homes. Candlesticks have existed for thousands of years, dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. Candles as well as being practical are very aesthetically pleasing and can transform a space; they enlighten a room and create ambience, as well as holding connotations of intimacy. Often part of the centerpiece of a table for festive gatherings or upon the mantelpiece candlesticks can be incorporated into the home in a variety of ways.

A nice addition is an antique candlesticks with a handle, used to light the way through a darkener household in the past. Candlesticks are a decorative feature, made from a variety of materials, including brass, silver, glass, pewter, porcelain, copper and bronze. Wedgwood pottery candlesticks were made from enameled porcelain; a beautiful example is that of cut crystal candlesticks. It is possible to purchase antique candlesticks from a variety of periods, namely from the 1600’s onwards. 

A pair of beautiful intricate silver candlesticks with ornate decoration looks perfect in the middle of a dining table, whilst enjoying a special dinner, as does an elegant three branch candelabra. For impact and grandeur an antique altar stick is a dominating candlestick that creates an impression.

Antique Blanket Chests

The perfect storage solution to house your extra blankets this season as well as complementing the design of your living room or bedroom, a blanket chest also works well in a conservatory as additional seating. An antique blanket chest doubles as a bench at the end of ones bed or a coffee table in the lounge, perfect for storing those extra chunky winter knitwear.

Antique blanket chests are made from oak, mahogany, pine, cherry, maple and walnut among other materials, the different styles mean they can fit within most interiors; a French rosewood box is very elegant and sophisticated and would fit well within a classical themed room. A pair of Chinese wooden boxes depicting oriental scenes with floral detailing from the early 1900’s or a beautiful antique chest made from teak with brass features both make for nice pieces.

Antique Fireplace and Fireplace Accessories

The fireplace is central to a home during the cold spurts of the season, offering warmth and comfort it is a focal point of a room. Fires in themselves are mesmerizing and what better way to enjoy their appeal with an antique fire surround or some beautiful fireplace accessories. 

Antique Coal Bin

An antique coal scuttle made from copper looks striking next to the fireplace, as does an Art Nouveau coal bin made from brass, highly polished with a fluted lid, with attractive wrought iron feet.

Antique Rugs

Adding a rug to your room is by far the most effective and simplistic way to add warmth to your space, as well introducing the addition of colour. There are a variety of designs available and you can easily tie an antique rug in with the theme of your home.  Area rugs next to the fireplace or by the sofa can create a cozy, comfortable space; they are inviting and eliminate cold floors in the home.

Antique Rug for the Winter Time

Antique rugs are usually hand woven; the appearance of antique rugs cannot be matched with modern replicas. Rug weaving in history was often a cultural pursuit, there are traditional antique rugs such as oriental Persian rug, tribal and nomadic rugs to choose from. Antique rugs often hold their value so are worthy investments as well as being a piece of art in their own right.

Antique Armchairs

Armchairs are functional, unique pieces; the earliest armchairs are thought to be that of Egyptian wooden thrones. Sumptuous armchairs are perfect to recline and relax in when it is cold outside. Beautiful deep, upholstered armchairs, tub chairs and leather armchairs are available to purchase and can be a statement piece within a room to sink into whilst maintaining style. 

A pair of French leather armchairs are particularly attractive in your living room. An antique Bergere armchair is almost entirely upholstered and offers comfort as does an antique Morris chair, a deep seat with a reclined backrest it is perfect for relaxing. An antique rocking chair may also be a piece you wish to consider; there are some beautiful examples.

With the clocks falling back it is the perfect time to invest in winter warmers for your home. 


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