Incorporating Georgian Furniture in the Modern Home

A large amount of our day-to-day experiences are played out in our interior spaces, our homes can largely affect how we feel, if a room is cluttered it is often harder to relax and unwind. As summer is here many of us have begun to clean away the remnants of winter and the inevitable hibernation that accompanies it and are think about redecorating. With this in mind we have taken a look at how you can incorporate Georgian furniture into your modern home.

The Georgian period lasted for over one-hundred-years, it began in 1714 when George I came to the throne until the death of George IV in 1830, which means there is a wealth of pieces to choose from that were made during this period. This is the beauty of Georgian furniture, the range of designs and styles that this period encompassed, from rococo to baroque, to neoclassical to chinoiserie. What is considered classic Georgian furniture emerged post 1750’s, when furniture became more elegant and stylised.


Some of the greatest furniture designers of the past created pieces during the Georgian period, and when you are looking to incorporate Georgian furniture into your home, you will come across a vast array of furniture makers. Thomas Sheraton, Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite are some of the most influential and revered furniture makers in history; pieces of furniture made by such are invaluable and if you are able to purchase such items for your home it is highly recommended as a long term investment. This is not to say it is not possible to purchase Georgian furniture that mimicked their designs, which would also perfectly complement a modern interior.

There is a multitude of furniture from this period due in part to the fact that the demand of furniture in middle class homes rocketed in the 1700’s, this means there is a myriad of items to choose from when it comes to adding furnishings to a modern interior. It was during this period that home interiors and fashion became increasingly popular. 

Georgian furniture was often delicate, therefore it is useful to focus on pale colour schemes and woods, the emphasis was on entertaining, space and light; white washed walls contributed to the airy feel of the interiors during this period. In the later part of the Georgian period, the colour schemes focused on soft blues and a dusky pink, which are very popular colour for interiors in 2016; rose quartz and serenity are currently Pantone’s colour of the year.  


Marble is also key to interiors this year and was a prominent feature of a Georgian house, it is possible to incorporate smaller pieces or accessories of marble for a subtle look in your modern home. Fireplaces were central to a room in Georgian homes, incorporating a Georgian fireplace as a focal point in your home would allow you to easily amalgamate old and new. Georgian fireplaces often featured cast iron, with ornate decoration and sometimes-classical pillars in their designs.

Furniture with claw feet, sinuous lines, curved legs will all have the desired effect. Lighting featuring crystals, ornate and intricate in detail can also be a nice appropriate touch. A Georgian sofa or chair upholstered in modern fabric, for example will bring a contemporary feel to the item and integrate it with the modern interior of your home. Below we look at some practical ways to incorporate Georgian furniture into your home.


18th Century Wing Armchair c.1790

Position a classic Georgian Armchair in the corner of your longue or by a window, this winged armchair is elegant and beautifully upholstered in natural coloured fabric. It is being sold for £1,250 by Edward Beresford.


Antique Georgian Night Stand/Side Cabinet c.1810

In the bedroom try incorporating Georgian bedside cabinets into the décor, such as this one. It is bow fronted and in good condition, the nice rich colour would look classical in a minimalistic bedroom interior. It is being sold for £240 by Antique Furniture Direct.


A Georgian Country Oak Dresser

This beautiful Georgian Dresser would fit perfectly as a focal item of furniture in a dining room decorated in a soft colour scheme. Made from Oak and featuring three drawers, elegant pad feet and shelves it still has its original brass fittings and a lovely, aged patina. The Country Oak Dresser is being sold for £2,250 by Elmgarden Antiques.


Set of 4 Mahogany Georgian / Regency Dining Chairs

A good way of incorporating Georgian furniture into the home without it appearing too cluttered and old is to combine it with modern furniture. This set of four mahogany Georgian Regency Dining Chairs would look fantastic aligned with a glass top modern table. Prior and Wills Antiques are selling the chairs for £995.


Antique Georgian Copper Coffee Pot c.1800

You need not purchase a substantial Georgian antique to add touches of the style into your home, the occasional accessory, such as this Copper Coffee Pot will suffice. This lovely Georgian coffee pot features its original mahogany handle and is being sold by Antique Furniture Direct for £125. 



As Georgian style was predominately subtle and soft, you need not overpower your home with Georgian pieces to incorporate this design style. Keep it simple and you can still achieve the desired effect with minimal effort. 


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