Item of the Week - Oil on Board - Joseph Witham


What is Art? An expression of creativity, a vision, a product intended to entice a range of human emotions or perhaps even a glimpse into the mind of the Artist?  Whatever your interpretation, one thing is for sure; Art can create heart and soul wherever or however it takes its’ form.  With its incredible versatility, it can be as understated or as bold as you want it to be.

We have chosen a piece of Artwork as this weeks ‘Item of The Week’.  Presented below is this Oil painting by Joseph Witham, an Artist specialising in Marine paintings.  


It Depicts ‘Liverpool No1 Pilot Boat’ battling through a storm to reach a vessel, waiting in the far distance.   This picture is flavoured with a real appreciation and understanding of the power of the sea which is most likely due to the fact that Joseph Witham spent his early years working as a Mariner and in his later life, moved to the Shipping port of Liverpool.  His passion for the Sea was something that never left him. 

The use of darker shades around the edges of the painting in both the sea and the sky help to convey a real sense of fear closing in as the raging storm ensues, juxtaposed against the white, delicate seagulls and lighter shades of the vulnerable boat fighting against the elements. 

The history of Art is fascinating, with the earliest cave paintings and Egyptian Art being amongst the first recognised forms of art, progressing to biblical images and then transitioning through to Impressionism & Realism to name but a few styles.  This painting certainly defines Realism and would make a great addition to your Art collection.

It is being offered for sale by James Lynchehaun, an Art Dealer who specialises in Original Maritime Art, and is being sold for £800.


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