Buyers Guide - Chest of Drawers

When purchasing Antique furniture it is often an investment for a lifetime, especially when it comes to an item as durable and solid as an antique Chest of Drawers. If you're unsure of what to consider when buying a Chest of Drawers, our Buyers guide should help; serving up hints & tips from one of our Antique Dealers, coupled with some Interior Design advice on how to incorporate Antique Chests of Drawers into your home.


Luke Thomas, an Antique expert at LT Antiques, specialises in selling Antique Chests of Drawers.  Below are some of his pointers to consider when buying one.

  • When inspecting the antique chest of drawers you wish to purchase pull out one of the drawers and look along the end of the drawer base in order to decipher whether the drawer base is constructed of solid wood or plywood. A solid wood constructed drawer is of higher value
  • In order to determine the age of the chest of drawers, look along the side of the drawer to see if it is dovetailed; machine cut or hand cut. A machine cut chest of drawers would suggest that it was made post 1920.​
  • Be careful to check the top of the chest of drawers for splits; a spilt in the top is hard to repair, although it is possible it may end up being costly, as you will need to employ an expert restorer to return it to its former glory...........


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