Iconic Furniture Valuations

Have you ever wondered how much the Iron Throne is worth? Well we have the answer! 

Here at LoveAntiques.com we have liaised with a furniture expert to compile a list of valuations for famous pieces of furniture. Such pieces include the Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne, Men In Black’s ‘Egg’ chair and Joey and Chandler’s Barca loungers from Friends. 

The valuations were created based on the item’s fame and iconic value, condition and the value of the material used to build it. The current Antique market has also been taken into consideration. 

For example, when evaluating the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, our Antique expert took into account the value of the material, which according to the books is made from a thousand swords. Therefore, the expert, came to the conclusion that the iron throne would weigh in at 2.5 tonnes of solid steel. 

With such a unique item, labour costs have also been taken into account as well and it is estimated that 100 smiths would take 10 months to build the throne. The cost of labour would equate to roughly £2.16 million based on 100 smiths being paid £75 a day for 10 months. 

Research has shown that a medieval sword would cost £7600 to produce using medieval technology today. With the costs of the swords roughly equating to £7.6 million and labour costs at £2.16 million the total cost of making the iron throne would be £9.76 million. 


The 10 most iconic furniture pieces from TV and film and the valuations, are as follows:

1.   Game of Thrones Iron Throne - £9.76 million 


2.   Captain Kirk’s Command Chair - £120,000


3.   Friends Central Perk Couch - £20,000

4.   Austin Powers Lip Sofa - £18,000

5.   Men In Black Egg Chair - £12,000

6.   Dr. Strangelove’s War Room Table - £11,000

7.   Forest Gump Bench - £5,000

8.   Joey and Chandler’s Barca Loungers - £6,000 (for the pair)

9.   Matrix Red Leather Wingback Chair - £3,000

10. Fraiser's Father's Barca Lounger - £1,800



Magical Furniture

For a bit of fun, we have also created a list of five magical furniture items including the wardrobe from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe and the Vanishing Cabinets from Harry Potter and the estimated value of them.

We have worked with the furniture expert to create a formula to value furniture that has ‘magical’ properties. The formula is the value of the material used to create the piece, multiplied by its age and then multiplied by what the company has called the ‘magic’ factor.


1.   Vanishing Cabinets from Harry Potter - £2.5 billion