The Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

What are the Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles?

Engagement rings have been worn since the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria was given a snake ring by her husband-to-be, Prince Albert.  This ring style then became popular all over England and Europe, as people wished to emulate any item which Queen Victoria wore. This is much the same as how the sales of Sapphire cluster rings increased dramatically after the Duchess of Cambridge was presented with a ring of this style, by Prince William, upon their engagement in 2010.

Celebrities and highly regarded public figures often help to set trends in engagement ring styles, but the factors that influence popular engagement ring styles are more extensive than just trying to copy your favourite actress.

The most popular engagement ring styles have continuously changed across the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty first centuries, just as fashions in clothing, make-up and hairstyles have! 

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are now considered the perennial classic style of engagement ring, and this is largely due to their simplicity. A solitaire diamond engagement ring suits absolutely everyone! Regardless of personal style; whether the lady in your life is one who barely wears jewellery, or one who owns a multitude of rings already, a solitaire diamond engagement ring will look dazzling by itself, or sitting piled high alongside her other treasured pieces.

Vintage 1.07ct Diamond & Platinum Solitaire Ring c.1950

Another reason for the recent popularity of the solitaire diamond engagement ring is that over the twenty first century, minimalist jewellery design has been favoured, as a direct reaction to the grandiose, complex cluster rings that were in vogue at the very end of the twentieth century, during the 1990s. 

Solitaire diamond engagement rings have established themselves as a timeless classic style for good reason. A further benefit of this style is that having all of the diamond carat weight in one large, central diamond - rather than diffused across a multitude of smaller diamonds - is a style which creates an impressive impact, and gives the impression of a larger, and therefore more valuable ring.  

Trilogy Rings

Trilogy rings are a style of engagement ring which were popular during most of the twentieth century, and are imbued with the very traditional meaning of the three diamonds representing the past, present and future of the couple’s relationship. 

Vintage 1.19ct Sapphire & 0.63ct Diamond, 18ct Yellow Gold Trilogy Ring

The trilogy style is also popular with women who like the fact that three stones are spread farther across the finger, which can be both flattering and slimming. 

Another benefit of the trilogy style is that by purchasing a ring with more than one diamond, you will often be able to attain a higher carat weight - and therefore a larger amount of diamond - for your money. 

Cluster Rings 

Cluster style engagement rings come in all types and sizes, although the term ‘cluster’ can conjure images of huge, dramatic pieces of jewellery. However, cluster style engagement rings can be subtle, delicate and sophisticated, just like any other style of engagement ring. 

Cluster style engagement rings often incorporate gemstones as the central stone, with diamonds surrounding it. This style of ring was predominantly popular in the late twentieth century, and was often found in yellow gold, with vibrant rubies, emeralds or sapphires in the centre. 

Vintage 1.83ct Diamond & 18ct White Gold Dress Ring c.1950

Halo Rings

Halo Rings are so named because the small, delicate diamonds surrounding the main stone of the ring give the impression of a halo. Halo rings are a style of cluster ring which has become incredibly popular, due to the ability of the smaller, surrounding diamonds to enhance the central diamond in a number of ways. 

Firstly, the surrounding diamonds give the impression of a larger amount of carat weight, giving the central stone the illusion of being far bigger than it is. Secondly, the brightness of the surrounding diamonds helps to illuminate the central diamond with a greater amount of light, creating the look of a brighter central diamond, and therefore a more valuable and aesthetically pleasing ring. 

Five Stone Ring

Five stone rings are an incredibly traditional choice for an engagement ring, and were popular during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. This makes five stone diamond and gemstone rings the perfect choice for women who adore the look of vintage and antique jewellery, and possibly even already own some pieces from these eras. 

Antique 1.33ct Diamond & 18ct Yellow Gold Five Stone Ring c.1915

Five stone rings often incorporate gemstones alongside diamonds, with the stones alternating across the setting. This makes five stone rings wonderful for anyone who has a love for certain gemstones or colours, or has a sentimental connection to rubies, emeralds or sapphires, for example if her mother’s wedding ring featured one of these gemstones. 

Another benefit of the five stone engagement ring, and the reason why they have continued to be popular over centuries, is that the design of the ring, which is predominantly horizontal in comparison to a solitaire or cluster, sits very well with other rings, for example, a wedding band! A five stone ring is also perfect for a lady who may wear a family ring or personal piece which she would like to sit alongside her engagement ring. 

One factor to consider when choosing a five stone engagement ring, or any larger ring in general is, 'will it overwhelm the wearer?' If the love of your life is especially petite, the broad spread of diamonds and gemstones may look too large for her hands. However, every ring and every ring wearer is different, so choosing a five stone ring with appropriately sized diamonds and gemstones is suggested.


No matter the style, type or size of ring that you choose for yourself or your loved one, fashions change over time and the popularity of certain styles will always waver. However, as long as you choose a style which you love and which suits you, then regardless of popularity and fashion, you will have a ring which you can love for a lifetime. 

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