Item of The Week - Antique Wrought Iron Garden Bench c.1850

To tie in with our Seasonal Spring Blog we have chosen a Garden Antique for this weeks ‘Item of The Week’.

There’s nothing quite like the first lawn cut of the year, the sweep up of the Autumn leaves that have gathered around the garden and the excitement of the Summer that’s looming around the corner.  Yes, Spring is here. So is your garden ready for the longer days & lighter nights, or is it in need of a freshen up? If the latter applies, this may be just what your Garden needs

This 19th Century Garden Bench oozes style and could instantly transform a tired garden into a relaxing retreat full of Character.  Place it under or near a statement tree of the weeping variety perhaps, such as a Weeping Willow, or a picturesque Blossom Tree maybe, and you’re on your way to creating the most stunning landscape garden. Alternatively, surround it with overflowing hanging baskets and you’ll achieve an equally fabulous visual outcome. 

Of course it doesn’t have to simply be an ornamental piece for your Garden, whose only purpose is to be pleasing on the eye, it can of course be integrated with your existing garden furniture and serve a practical purpose too; additional seating for you, your family & your friends. With or without cushions this bench would make the perfect spot to sit back and relax.       

Whether you choose to leave it in its original weathered condition, or you decide to apply some TLC to this Victorian Bench, it will not lose its rustic charm. It is made from wrought Iron so is a sturdy piece that has already stood the test of time, and it displays beautiful curves which are mirrored in the seat itself and the arm rests. The legs are also subtly shaped.   

A Timeless Antique to enjoy year after year.

It is being sold by Town House Traders Ltd for £520 


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