Celebrate Spring with Style

Spring has sprung, a time that encourages rebirth and change, when we are inspired to start afresh. It is a time of new beginnings and what better way to signal in the lighter days and longer nights than by refreshing your interior.

After winter it can feel like you have been cocooned in your house and your interior can seem stale and lifeless. Spring is the perfect time to reignite the energy in your rooms and bring life back into your home. You need not redecorate extensively; just a few touches can create a significant visual impact. 

So the question now is, 'Do you follow a design trend?' or do you simply go with your own creative desires? Trends are changing every year; last year it was all about bringing the outdoors indoors, and this year it doesn't seem to have deviated too far away from that, with textured materials, marble and wood panelling set to make an appearence, but ultimately the decision is yours.

Personally we do love to consider the outdoors at this time of year so with this in mind we've chosen a few items for you to consider if you do decide to take the plunge and re-vamp your home this Season.

Antique Edwardian Brass Lamp Base

The nights may be getting lighter but a Lamp can still help to create great ambiance and can help set the mood of a room even if simply used as a Decorative piece.  Shiny metals are on trend this Season so this Brass Lamp will fit right in to the modern home.

This Lamp Base is being sold by Driscolls Antiques for £225. You can view the full details here

French Gilt Occasional Table with a Rouge Marble Top

Marble played a big part in interiors last year and its popularity looks set to continue this year so why not incorporate this stylish painted occasional table in to your interior (A perfect place for the Lamp to sit). With its typical French characteristics, this elaborate curve legged table could lift a room in an instance. 

This beautiful Table is for sale from Burgett Langfield for £595.  See the full details here

Mahogany Double Foot Stool

According to Vouge neutral colours are in for 2017, but if you don't fancy conforming with the experts advice, be bold and add this fabulous statement double footstool to your home.  Whether it be situated underneath a window as a low window seat or used as intended as a footstool, this versatile late 19th Century piece will bring vibrancy to any space.

This Footstool is being sold by Furniture Chapter for £195.  For the full details see here 

Arts and Crafts Plant Jardinière Stand

This Arts and Crafts Plant Jardinière Stand could not only serve as a plant holder but it could also double up as a wine cooler if you were to source a liner for the pot; perfect to enjoy as the evenings stretch out before us. The planter dates from the Late 19th Century.

It is being sold for £220 from Prior & Willis Antiques.  For full details click here

Large Leather Knole Armchair

Textures! Textures are in! This large 19th Century armchair is upholstered in its original leather with large brass studs, the leather is thick but soft. The sides can be dropped or kept in an upright position so it's a wonderfully versitile piece. Add a few scatter cusions and you have a perfect spot to sit back and relax with your favourite book.  

This fabulous chair is being sold by Elmgarden for £1,650.  See the full details here

Set of Emerald Green Wine Glasses c.1870

Of course if you're not looking to make big changes to your interior then why not opt for more subtle additions to your home such as these stunning wine glasses. Although neutral tones are in for 2017, Green is very much the colour of the season and it doesn't matter what shade you chose or how much green you chose to incorporate.  These antique glasses placed next to a neutral dinner service could transform your dinner table and creates a subtle enough statement without being too extravagant.

These are being sold by Albion House Antiques for £145.  You can view the full details here 


Why stop at the Interior? As the warm weather approaches, now is the time to look at your garden, so here's just a few more ideas to spruce up your garden or outdoor space. 

French Wirework Garden Chair

This beautiful antique French item of garden furniture is a lovely addition as we approach summer. The pretty wirework chair is from the late 1800’s, and it would look perfect in the corner of a garden or underneath a canopy of leaves. This antique chair would add character to your garden whilst looking pretty set amongst a bed of wild flowers.

This French chair is being sold for £260 by Molly and Maud’s Place. Full Details can be seen here

Large Cast Iron Classical Urn Planter on Plinth

This is quite a statement piece. Believed to be dated from the early 20th Century, this fantastic planter is weathered and beautifully aged.  It could easily be left as a stand alone statement piece or indeed it could be filled with your favourite flowers. Whichever way you intend to use it, it is sure to bring your garden to life.

This planter is being sold by Prior & Willis Antiques for £795.  See the full item details here