Item of The Week - Garden Fossil Bowl/Planter

We’re not entirely sure how your Summer has been ours hasn’t been as sun – filled as we had hoped. However, it’s not quite over and we aren’t losing hope just yet! Hence why we have chosen this wonderful Garden-themed Item of The Week this week. It comes in the form of this Fossil Bowl/Planter.

This interesting prehistoric piece started out as fascinating fossil discovery in a Moroccan Desert in North Africa and has since been carefully excavated, then wonderfully crafted in to a Garden Fossil Bowl by simply etching and sculpting the surrounding marble in to the superb shape you see before you.

The Fossil is between 355 to 420 million years old and makes for an Interesting talking point. It has been lovingly polished and prepared and sits proudly on the surface of this uniquely designed bowl.

How you decide to make use of it is entirely up to you but some obvious choices would be to present it as a Bird bath, a planter or simply a decorative ornament to add some character and history to your garden.  Either way, this superb piece is sure to bring you much enjoyment.

It is being sold by The Fossil Store Ltd for £300


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