Item of The Week - Half Mile Ray Searchlight Floor Lamp

When it comes to Interior design everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes, and when looking to revamp your home, following trends and giving your home a full overhaul isn’t always a necessity to achieve that refreshed feel. Sometimes, accessorising is all you need to instantaneously transform your home, and this weeks ‘Item of The Week’ will do just that.

This stunning Half Mile Ray Searchlight Floor Lamp is indeed bang on trend, but whilst having a modern and trendy appearance, it actually dates from the early 20th Century (1920’s), so it still has the ability to blend in beautifully with an Art Deco/Antique décor. Alternatively, if you are looking to mix old with new but you don’t want to venture too far away from a modern vibe, then this statement piece is the perfect accessory to achieve that particular style.

Lamps of these sorts are in most homeware/department stores nowadays and are often constructed from various materials but perhaps most commonly, wood, but they are unlikely to have the same wonderful patina that this one has. Sitting sturdily on mahogany tripod legs, this lamp has a practical, adjustable function thanks to a clever piece of 1930s technology, and the searchlight lamp head itself is perhaps a little quirkier than your convention lamp shade giving this lamp a great contemporary feel to it.

This lamp is in excellent condition and is ready to be showcased in your home.

It is being sold by Christopher Tombs Antiques Ltd for £1,150


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