Item of The Week - Victorian Carved Oak Banjo Barometer

The weather is without a doubt one of the most popular topics of conversation and you’ll probably find yourself talking about it or making reference to it almost every day without even realising it. It’s fair to say that us humans have spent an age trying to accurately predict the weather, and even with all the technology available nowadays, we still get it wrong! So why not stick to the good old-fashioned methods?

This week’s Item of The Week is this Superb Victorian Carved Oak Banjo Barometer. Barometers were used many years ago to measure barometric pressure and were one of the earliest ways to forecast the weather. They were very popular in agricultural and domestic households and can still be found in today’s homes.

This is a wonderful piece, which displays the most beautiful decorative foliage carvings to the banjo shaped case. It is make from Oak & has a porcelain dial and brass bezel surround to the aneroid movement. And if that wasn’t enough, it also boasts a porcelain thermometer above. So, stop relying on the weather men/women to tell you what’s going on outside, have a bit of fun and do it yourself! And even if you don’t use it practically, it is sure to bring a touch of character to your home.  

This 19th Century Victorian Barometer is in full working order and is being sold by Sturmans Antiques Ltd for £398.


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