Item of The Week - French Bonheur Du Jour c.1870

The French are known for being Chic and for having the ability to be effortlessly stylish not only in the world of Fashion, but also in the Interior Design world. This is a trait that can be dated back centuries as French influences worked their way into many a home from as early as the early 16th Century. Of course, styles have evolved over the years, but the French are mostly associated with elegance. With this in mind, our ‘Item of the Week’ is this Pretty Mahogany French Bonheur Du Jour.

Nowadays this delightful Bonheur Du Jour is more commonly referred to as a lady’s writing desk, but translated, ‘Bonheur Du Jour’ literally means ‘Happiness of the day’ and this certainly brightens up our day.

These desks made their debut in Paris in the mid-18th Century, and very quickly became popular amongst the ladies. Designed to sit centrally in a room, or at least away from a wall so that it could be admired from all angles, they very often had decorative backs to them. This particular desk is more decorative to the front but isn’t at all offensive at the rear.

It is very graceful in its appearance and rather typically has a pull-out writing surface with a leather top and a drawer immediately beneath it, which was intended for writing instruments and toiletries. It also boasts four drawers above and 2 shelves. It is constructed from Mahogany, sits on elegantly shaped cabriole legs and displays pretty, delicate carvings. It has a rich patina and dates from 1870.

This would sit beautifully in an office space or a bedroom perhaps and could also be used as a Dressing table of sorts. It has everything a lady needs to feel a sense of that Chic French Style, and it’s clear to see why these were a must in a lady’s ‘Chambre’  

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