Item of The Week - Large 19th Century Overmantle Mirror

Gone are the days where mirrors were simply used to check on your appearance, these days, mirrors can be found in almost all homes and are often used for decorative purposes, to help ‘create the look,’ or to create impact (depending of the extravagance or size you choose). A highly popular accessory within the Interior Design world, mirrors are a clever way of making a room look and feel bigger as they reflect light back in to the room. This weeks ‘Item of The Week’ is a superb example of an Antique Overmantle Mirror.

Overmantle Mirrors don’t have to be fixed to the wall, they can rest upon a fireplace mantle (as long as it is safe to do so) creating a modern, relaxed look that can be re-created in various decors. They come in a multitude of sizes but often display the same characteristics; an arched top over a square or rectangular bottom. The larger scale overmantles do tend to have the edge when it comes to popularity, perhaps because of the visual effect they can have.

This particular mirror is quite a statement piece and is described by its seller as ‘very large and imposing’ and is therefore sure to create an impact.  It dates from the Later half of the 19th Century and its frame displays the most beautiful detailed flower & foliate design all around, with a gilt finish. At the top of the frame we see an entanglement of ribbon, flowers and foliate detail, which creates a rather elaborate yet elegant appearance and finishes the mirror off beautifully.

This Mirror is being sold by Rams Head Antiques for £1,450


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