Item of The Week - Dutch Still Life Oil Painting c.1780

If you don’t already own a Still Life Painting yourself, chances are you will know someone who does, especially given that these types of paintings have been around for decades & are still a popular choice for today’s Art lovers. If you don’t own one but are considering gracing your home with a Still Life painting, you may wish to consider our Item of The Week; this Dutch Still Life Antique Oil Painting.

Still Life’ paintings depict inanimate objects which are usually displayed in a collective manner and can range from man-made items such as vases, bottles and books to perhaps more commonly used natural items such as flowers and as with this Still Life, fruit.

This painting has been dated to the late 18th Century, around 1780, and depicts a plethora of fruit spilling out of a Delft bowl. Whilst lots of colour has been used at the forefront of the painting, the tones are muted & rather earthy, thus complementing the shadowy background. The gentle & delicate colours used on the peaches, grapes and cherries balance well together, creating an overall rich blend to the painting, and whilst not typically oozing vibrancy, the fruit still appears sumptuous & rather enticing. And who can ignore the little white flowers sitting amongst the fruit, adding a certain finesse to this painting?   

The Dealer selling this painting advises that the canvas has a coarse weave and has been lined and mounted onto a new cross stretcher. They also state that the frame is not original, however, we think that its new frame is somewhat understated, and therefore doesn’t detract from the beauty and allure of the painting. We’re sure you’ll agree that it could work well in various decors.

It is simply initialled ‘JB’ so whilst the Artist isn’t named, the initials are believed to correspond with various Dutch artists affiliated with this style of painting from this era.

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