Item of The Week - Antique Victorian Steamer Trunk

There are so many types of Décor nowadays and the way in which a home is styled & decorated can often tell a lot about the homeowner with personalities being reflected in colour choices, accessories & the overall theme. A popular choice of Décor, and probably one of the most desirable ones of the 21st Century, is the Minimalist style. However, this isn’t an easy style to achieve, especially as we seem to have more gadgets and personal belongings than ever before. That’s where storage comes in handy!

For this weeks ‘Item of The Week’ we have found the most wonderful solution to your storage problems…..ok, maybe not all of them, but this Superb Antique Victorian Steamer Trunk is a start. Introduced in to a modern interior, this chest could house many a toy, blanket, magazine and other such items that contribute to the everyday clutter of our homes.

Who needs modern day characterless storage units when you can opt for a statement antique piece such as this? Dating from 1890, this late Victorian trunk boasts a rare metal exterior with rustic oak bandings, creating a striking contrast, which would undoubtedly work well in a modern, minimalist home. And with storage trunks and chests being far more commonly incorporated in to interiors nowadays, a piece such as this needs to take pride of place in your living space, it could even double up as a coffee table.

It is described as having ‘Ornate Gothic style steel reinforcing, a metal edged lid, central metal strapping, robust ornate steel corners and edges, interlocking catches, large up and over clasps and central working lock with key.’ This fantastic trunk displays many original features with the benefit of newly added leather handles making it the most charming of trunks – a superbly refurbished piece of history.

So if you’re aiming for a more minimalist feel to your home, make this trunk yours and you’ll soon find yourself on your way to a clutter free lifestyle.

This Antique Steamer Trunk is being sold by Vintage Trunks & Chests for £395


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