Dealer of The Month - The Antique Seller

When ‘The Antique Seller’ (previously Kirkby Antiques Ltd) started out in the Antique business some 50 years or so ago, we do wonder if they ever imagined the success, they would achieve over the next few years, or if they ever imagined dining with the Royals as a result of their success!

A family business established in the 1960’s, ‘The Antique Seller’ specialises in ceramics, pottery & china but their range of stock goes beyond this. The also sell glassware, silver, paintings, woodcarvings and more. This superb variety may well be what helped them to attract vast amounts of customers, and over time they developed a loyal customer base. Between the 1970’s to the 1990’s they were able to expand their business, employing over 70 employees and even had their own outlet in Atlanta, Georgia. It was their exporting of Antiques that was the reason they were invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

As time went by and in keeping with the ever-changing times, ‘The Antique Seller’ eventually decided to shift their focus to trading online, and although no longer liaising face to face with their customers, they haven’t lost their desire to maintain strong relationships & offer superb levels of customer service. Having traded on for almost 3 years, we can confidently vouch for them and say with confidence that they are always very responsive to all correspondence. They state that their ‘constant goal remains to significantly offer clients every advantage, when buying from them, and to build a unique relationship. Their guarantee is absolute.’

Offering experienced international shipping, they go to great lengths to ensure you receive your purchase in the condition described, as soon as possible, and without any hassle. Be it New Zealand, The USA, Europe or the UK, nothing is too much trouble for them.