Item of The Week - Rural Idealised Landscape with Figures, Oil Painting On Panel

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to live in times gone by? I’m sure many of us have an affinity to a certain era, whether it be Egyptian times, the Swinging Sixties perhaps, or maybe Victorian times. Whatever your preferred period we often have to refer to history books to get a taste of what those times must have been like, but of course there’s also art. What better way to experience history than through the eyes of an Artist? 

This idyllic scene is believed to have been painted in the late 18th Century by an amateur artist who has created a wonderful work of art, depicting a beautiful landscape scene of Rural Britain. 

This oil painting is framed by mature trees providing a view in to a charming town that many people could only dream of living in. The bending river draws your attention deep in to the painting where we see a bridge, some rather grand, historical looking buildings and distant hills illuminated by daylight. But before delving deep in to the scene we are met by some interesting goings on at the forefront of the painting. Here we see a well-dressed upper-class gentleman, standing in a rather dominant pose over a seated lady dressed in a blue gown. They appear to be engaged in a conversation as she holds his gaze, perhaps she’s being wooed, whilst just beyond this on the river we are distracted by three men setting off on a small boat – they look to be on a mission of sorts. 

Despite the use of dark tones in the forefront and in most of the trees and greenery, the general overall feel to this painting is rather tranquil. With such subtle use of colours, the artist manages to create a calm and soft ambiance to the painting providing an opportunity for the observer to escape in to a picturesque world far away from our own.

Presented in an ornate contemporary swept frame, this Superb Antique Oil Painting is for sale from Brave Fine Art for £495  


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