Item of The Week - Pierre D'avesn Art Deco Opalescent Large Glass Charger

Accessorising your home can be so much fun; what’s not to love about mixing and matching furniture to wall-art and carpets to curtains? The décor is what often makes a house a home. So this week, for our Item of The Week, we have chosen a superb accessory which we think you’ll love.

This Art Deco Opalescent Large Glass Charger is just divine. Dating from 1935, it was made by one-time René Lalique designer Pierre D'Avesn, and it boasts many of the typical characteristics of a Lalique/D’Avesn Opalescent piece; thick glass, floral patterns and of course that stunning blue opalescent design. (This blue effect is caused by the light reflecting off the glass which has been designed and cooled in a way that makes the glass crystalize inside).

Pierre started working for the famous French glass designer Lalique at the tender age of 14, and continued to work for him for many years, but Lalique didn’t allow designers to add their own makers marks to a Lalique piece, which was obviously an issue to Pierre, as he wanted to be recognised for his designs, so he eventually left the Lalique company and went on to work for various other makers through his working life, each time insisting that anything he designed bore his name, which consequently causes problems in determining what company made each of his designs.

This stunning D’Avesn design displays three large dahlia flowers and leaves to its underside with the centres of the flowers acting as the feet of this piece, thus giving it a sturdy base to sit on. Personally, we feel that a beauty like this needs to be seen to be appreciated so using it as a display piece rather than a practical household item is most deserving of the piece.

If you wish to purchase this eye-catching glass charger, it is being sold by Antique Ethos for £475 


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