Dealer of The Month - Debenham Antiques

With three previous generations of Antiques Dealers in his family, it seems that Ian Collins of Debenham Antiques was destined to find his place working in the antiques trade.

Based in the beautiful village of Debenham in Suffolk, Debenham Antiques has well and truly cemented itself in the world of antiques and now has the most incredible array of antique and vintage & retro stock for you to choose from. This stock has been building up for over a century with items being sourced from all over the globe, but this family business almost suffered a demise after Ian's Father, Frank Collins, sold the company (named Frank Collins Antiques at the time) in 1999.  

The resurrection of this company came about after Ian spent years working with his father, a Founder Member of LAPADA, who was able to share a wealth of knowledge with him having had antiques shops in Dublin, London and Suffolk. After the sad passing of his Father in 2004, Ian went on to finish his apprenticeship with a well-known character in the antiques trade, Dick Turpin, of Bruton Street, who Ian notes was 'possibly one of the best Antiques Dealers of his time.'  Equipped with his antiques knowledge, the newly named company 'Debenham Antiques' was born in 2007 with Ian at the helm.

Debenham Antiques care greatly about customer satisfaction, with Ian stating, "We work hard to ensure that we provide the client with a quality experience from start to finish. All our buying, photography, restoration, polishing and shipping is carried out in house by our dedicated team of staff. This we feel allows us to be in control from start to finish, which only benefits our customers." And it's this consideration for their customers that has influenced their decisions to provide as varied a range of buying options as possible; in recent years and with an expanding internet presence in the UK, the company spread its wings and found itself a base in the USA with 'Debenham Antiques inc.' But if international availability wasn't enough, Debenham Antiques have also managed to retain a high street presence in what is a challenging era for the highstreets, therefore continuing the ability to share their finest pieces of furniture with their broad range of customers in a more personable manner. 

When asked what Ian enjoys most about his job, he replied, "I love searching in Scandinavia for furniture to bring to the market for the first time and meeting customer all around the world."

With over 1000 items available to purchase from Debenham Antiques on our site from 15th century carvings to late 20th century fine quality furniture, you'd be hard pushed not to find what you're looking for, so don't waste a minute more, get browsing (and buying) now.