Item of The Week - American Bronze Lamp c.1920

This weeks 'Item of The Week' comes in the form of this superb American 1920's Art Deco Bronze Table Lamp. 

A stunning example, this lamp is most certainly not going to be found in abundance on the shelves of today's high street stores. Dating from the early Art Deco period this striking table lamp was manufactured in America but carries many a Grecian characteristic.

The lamp comprises of a large bronze laurel wreath around the main body and displays partially hidden light bulbs in amongst the leaves, whilst two original Tiffany style green and blue glass bowls encase these and further lights.  The glass bowls are held in place above 3 support legs that terminate in lions' paws. Each of the supports is joined together by laurel garlands and all three supports displays a wreath handle; very Grecian indeed.

Standing at 69 cm high, this large lamp is dramatic and stylish and would add a real glamorous touch to your home. It resembles the style of the much sought after Tiffany lamps which are often worked into various Decor's. The patterned glass bowls are sumptuously designed and will undoubtedly emit a vibrant enough glow as to help set the mood in which ever location you choose to display it in. One thing is for sure, you won't want to hide this piece away in a quiet corner of the house, because as with all Art Deco lighting, it is stylish, alluring and exciting from top to bottom. 

This captivating lamp is being sold by Wick Antiques Ltd for £8,800.   


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