Item of The Week - Pair of Edwardian Wine Coolers

With all of this delightful warm weather hitting many of us and the Summer months gently rolling on by, we thought our Item of The Week should be appropriate to this, and so we bring you, not one, but two Edwardian Wine Coolers.

Our Item of The Week is often selected for its beauty, or for being quirky or sometimes for its rarity, but we chose these coolers for a different reason. What we love about these Antique Wine Coolers is not just that you get two of them, but that this lovely pair are insanely versatile. Whilst they were more than likely to have been intended as wine coolers, there's so much more to them that meets the eye! Once these summer months are done and dusted, which let's face it, could be next week what with our good old unpredictable British weather, these could easily be used instead as plant stands, storage units, lamp tables perhaps, or in the winter months as log or coal boxes. Whatever your requirements, they are bound to serve a good purpose.  

This quality matching pair has been crafted into octagonal shapes and are made from Elm wood. They have brass banding around the lids and the upper and lower bodies of the coolers, and have tin linings internally, which are removable. They also each have small brass handles either side of the boxes so can easily be picked up and moved around. They are noted as being in excellent condition and were made in the very early 20th Century during the Edwardian era. They stand at 30 inches high and are 18 inches wide, so they are sizeable enough to hold your wine or champagne bottles, without being intrusive. Each cooler sits on four delicate castors. 

This sturdy pair are being sold by D H Antique Furniture for £975


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