Dealer of The Month - StolenAttic

When it comes to Antiques Dealers each one has their own passion or specialist knowledge for a particular 'type' of antique, be it Antique Furniture, Antique Silver or Antique Clocks, but some Antiques Dealers are drawn to a variety of antiques and get pleasure in the diversity of the hidden treasures this wonderful world has to offer us. StolenAttic is one of those dealers and they have been selected as our Dealer of The month.

Based in the heart of rural Nottinghamshire, StolenAttic was founded by Amy Worthington and her husband Dawid who each have a deep-rooted passion for antiques thanks to their interesting family backgrounds in antiques. So, let us share with you their paths in to the Antique Trade.

Amys Grandfather, an engineer by trade, had a passion for antique tools and on his vast travels he accumulated a tremendous collection, a collection so great that he was able to establish his place in the antique trade, selling antique tools! His daughter, Amy's mum, inevitably began collecting interesting objects as a child as she used to travel around with her father and her grandfather (Amy's Great Grandfather) who worked for Shipstones brewery driving a horse-drawn cart. Together, this threesome travelled the country picking up some wonderful pieces along the way.  

After Amy's grandfather passed away, her mum continued her life in the trade, and eventually became a market and auctions dealer. Amy recounts fondly how her mum was very old school and did not use the Internet at all, so just as she had done so in her younger years, she enjoyed travelling far and wide, buying and selling antiques throughout her life until her health prevented her from doing so. And with this generational passion in mind, it comes as no surprise that Amy would come to love antiques and vintage items as much as she does, and this interest in the trade is shared with her husband Dawid, who also has a family history in antiques as Dawid's Grandmother owned an antiques shop in Poznan, Poland many years ago and it's here that he learnt the tricks of the trade.

Some years after meeting, getting married, and having children, Amy and Dawid realised that they weren't entirely fulfilled by their daily jobs and so together, they decided to make a career out of the one thing they shared a love for; antiques. Amy says, "our real passion, calling and knowledge lay in the antiques trade, so after much frequenting of fairs and events, and with our own treasure collecting growing out of control we decided to create our own 'modern' online brand, StolenAttic." Amy told us that both she and David have a particular love of pocket watches, clothing and textiles, jewellery and snuff and tobacciana, and they share an adoration of the Victorian era & the Art Deco period.

StolenAttic offers customers a real mix of items for sale from fine jewellery and rare and unusual antiques to genuine vintage clothing. Along with this, customer satisfaction is at the heart of the business and Amy & Dawid hope that you enjoy taking a look at their stock as much as they enjoy selling it.