Ten of the most valuable 'Pan-tiques'

This past year has been harder than any of us could have ever expected and a completely new experience for us all. As we near the year anniversary of the first UK lockdown, March 23rd, we wanted to look back at the past 12 months and the certain items that may be valuable in the future. 

LoveAntiques.com, the experts in antique furniture, art, salvage and everything else antique and vintage, like antique silver, worked with our team of in-house valuation experts to compile a list of the ten items from the past year that are likely to rise in value in the next century, along with their estimated market price in the year 2120. 

The ten most valuable items and their expected market value by 2120 are as follows:

  1. Captain Thomas Moore autograph - up to £25,000
  2. Face masks of celebrities (e.g. Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle, The Queen of England) - up to £15,000 
  3. The briefings podium from 10 Downing St - £4,000
  4. Government letters (vulnerable people, allowing workers to cross borders, Boris Johnson announcing lockdown) - £600 - £800
  5. Original NHS rainbow posters - £500
  6. Vaccine cards - £450
  7. Newspapers from March 23rd 2020 - £275
  8. Marketing materials - £200
  9. COVID-19 testing kit - £150
  10. COVID-10 testing paperwork - £100

Unfortunately, a lot of historical moments are not positive events, the COVID-19 pandemic being a key example of this. Just like there are extremely valuable items from world wards, the above items are likely to become memorabilia of 2020. 

If you have any of the above items and plan to keep them as collectibles, we have some advice on keeping your items intact:

  • Store all items in a dry, cool environment 
  • Store all items away from direct sunlight 
  • If you can, store your items in waterproof cases 
  • If the collectible is wearable, try to keep it in a ‘new’ condition, and washing with caution (if necessary)

Will Thomas, of LoveAntiques said: 

“March 23rd 2020, the day the UK went into the first country-wide lockdown, and unfortunately, it marks a scary time in history. This past year has been something that most of us, hopefully, will only endure once in our lifetime. We will have a thousand things that remind us of 2020, from home haircuts, to the Thursday clap for heroes, but we will also have physical items that will signify this historical moment, quickly becoming known as ‘pan-tiques’ in our industry.

“We were not surprised that Captain Thomas Moore’s autograph topped the list when we were liaising with our in-house expert, he is a national treasure and a true hero. However, we do urge people to be mindful when collecting and selling certain items, for example, Captain Tom's latest achievement was fundraising for the NHS, so if you are lucky enough to have a collectible item, perhaps a charitable donation if you sold it would honor him in the way he deserves.”

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