Welsh Dressers in The Modern Home

Welsh dressers date back to the 1600s and are traditionally used as kitchen furniture. You will often find that they are made from oak and feature a sideboard-style bottom with cupboards and drawers topped with open shelving. 

Some may think Welsh Dressers are unique to Wales, however Welsh Dressers are used throughout the world and each location adapted their dressers to local needs. Dressers were originally designed to store food and prepare food, hence the spacious area which benefits owners of Welsh Dressers in the 21st century as it did in the 17th century! What’s more is the dressers were designed to fit in small spaces, so you get the practical benefits as well as design benefits, allowing people who own smaller homes to embrace Welsh dressers too. 

The style of dressers didn’t change for around 300 years and the original design is still used in homes today, however by the 19th century Welsh Dressers were adapted to fit the different style trends, such as Art Nouveau style dressers, Gothic style dressers and arts and crafts dressers, allowing us to have a varied range of antique welsh dressers to choose from today!

LoveAntiques.com Favourite Welsh Dressers

Traditionally, Welsh Dressers were used in living rooms and kitchens, on view to family members and visitors. The decorative functions allowed for people to place their Welsh Dressers in their living rooms and areas of socialising as they were as pleasant to look at as practical. Throughout the mid-17th century people were more likely to obtain decorative items, those who were deemed “better off” than others liked to show that they had these items by displaying them for all to see…Welsh Dressers were the perfect way to do so. 

There are many things we at LoveAntiques.com admire about Welsh Dressers. We love how - although there was an increased demand for more furniture in the 18th century, due to homes increasing in size - the demand for more furniture wasn’t fulfilled by urban workshops and large companies, it was fulfilled by local village furniture makers who used native timber and often sold to neighbours and friends as their customers. By the 19th century, even farm labourers had a dresser and the dominant piece of furniture stayed in people’s homes despite cheaper and mass-produced alternatives being offered to homeowners, the dressers still held its place in the home. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite Welsh Dressers and find out where they can work well in your home today…

We begin with a George III Period Welsh Dresser that oozes Welsh Country charm. The thin design allows you to fit the dresser against any wall, which is perfect if you’re struggling for space.

In any room, your dresser influences the style and mood of your space. There are many different ways you can decorate this Georgian Welsh Dresser, such as placing it in the middle of your kitchen wall and filling the shelves with your fanciest china and everyday pieces. The drawers can then be used to store plates, cutlery and napkins providing a fuss-free centrepiece. 

Although people often relate Welsh Dressers to country living, it doesn’t have to be. There are thousands of different styles to choose from, so you can find a Welsh Dresser that fits in with your home design, whilst maintaining the major benefits Welsh dressers offer. What we love about this Victorian 19th Century Welsh Dresser is the ability to show off a few more of your favourite items, the shelves can hold your arrangement of plates and glasses, allowing you to add some ornaments or flowers to really bring the piece of furniture to life. 

Here is your ideal fuss-free centrepiece that you can personalise to your own needs. Every homeowner wants their design to be personal to them, we love how Welsh Dressers allows you to dress the shelves how you want, creating the character in your room that’s reflective of your personal taste. 

Welsh Dressers come in all shapes and sizes, this fine 18th Century Oak Welsh Dresser represents the warm colour that we represent with warmth and comfort. People often respond emotionally to Welsh Dressers because of their representation of “the simpler life”. 

Imagining a Welsh Farmer’s cottage that represents craftsmanship provides a wholesome feel to people. Welsh Dressers give that emotional connection to furniture that the majority of modern furniture can’t provide today, making it more likely for these pieces of furniture to be passed down among generations and loved by all members of family.

Visit this Oak Welsh dresser online today.

Top Tips in Styling your Welsh Dresser 

Global interior design trend research, conducted from January to October, have found ‘cottagecore’ as the most popular interior design trend in 2021, with dried flowers following and antique mirrors a close third. Cottagecore celebrates a more simple life and harmony with nature and has been a stand out aesthetic throughout 2020. There has never been a better time to explore Welsh antique furniture in your home, capturing the ‘simple-life’ and a more rural feel to your home is a trend that many home-owners are now exploring! Welsh Dressers provide that much needed centrepiece for your home which you can design around, allowing you to be brave with your interior ideas and most importantly, have fun with them! 

Antique oak dressers provide a classic feel that never goes out of style so you can match this with decorating the shelves with classic blue and white china, providing a plate placement that oozes character and elegance.


This Georgian Welsh oak dresser is a prime example of how to style your welsh antique dresser, the 18th century welsh dresser is available for £2250.

Create a colour statement. You don’t have to change the original oak on your antique dresser to create a bold statement, using clear glass jars and filling them with ingredients that burst colour not only offers a practical solution but it will also help bring your Welsh dresser to life. 

You can style your antique dresser in many ways, how about adding a beautiful drinks tray that adds an inviting aspect to your dresser, you can choose whichever drinks tray you prefer, you can keep it classic with an antique afternoon tea service or add a little bit of retro to your antique furniture by placing a fun 1950s Black Metal Cocktail Serving Tray to your dresser filled with drinks.