The Top 10 Most Valuable Bottles of Gin

Gin has been having a ‘moment’ for a good few years now, and as one of the trendiest tipples of the 21st century, we were excited to celebrate this year’s World Gin Day on the 12th June. Like most things, not all bottles of gin are created equal, with some older classics fetching a pretty penny if in good condition, so it might be time to raid your attic or drinks cabinet to see if you have a vintage gin hiding in the back. 


The 10 most valuable bottles of gin you may have at home are:


  1. Robert Burnett Old Tom Gin (1940) - £850 for 68cl
  2. Union Castle Mail Steamship Company Gin (1950) - £500 for 75cl
  3. Booth's Finest Dry Gin (1943) - £450 for 75cl
  4. Gordon's London Dry Gin (1950s - with spring cap) - £399 for 75cl
  5. Gordon’s Orange Gin (1940s) - £350 for 75cl
  6. Curtis Sloe Gin (1950s) - £299 for 75cl
  7. Booth's Finest Dry Gin (1957) - £299 for 75cl
  8. Nicholson London Dry Gin (1970s) - £299 for 100cl
  9. Oldmoor London Dry Gin (1960s) - £299 for 200cl
  10. Gilbey's London Dry Gin (1980s) - £299 for 300cl

Investor Guidelines 

  • The better the condition that the bottle is in, the more money it can command when sold, with particular attention being paid to the parts of the label that indicate the year the gin was produced. 
  • Keeping it sealed and in a cool dark place will stop it from oxidising and spoiling over time. 
  • Don’t be tempted to open a bottle to try, similar to wine which can reduce by 20-30% in value when removed from a case, it’s best to keep bottles intact and together in a set. Be very clear about which gin you are buying to invest in and which you would like to drink!
  • Only buy from reputable sales people who can provide some sort of authentication.

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