Item of the Week - Baroque Travelling Silver Chest

This week are taking a look at storage solutions and most importantly, stylish storage solutions. Storage in the home has never been more important, the way you store things can influence how comfortable and relaxed you feel in your home - which is the most important thing!

Our choice of a spacious, yet attractive, storage solution is this 19th Century Baroque Travelling Chest, made by Mappin & Webb. The chest was painted in Italy in the Baroque style, using black and ecru to make it a striking finish. This piece is definitely a centre piece in your room, decorate it further by placing a plant next to the chest to bring some life into your room!

The 19th Century Baroque Travelling Silver Chest by Mappin and Webb is for sale by Elmgarden on, check out more of Elmgarden's products today & shop more antique chests today!