Four Pre 1970 Vintage Watches Worth Collecting

Vintage watches are relished by many collectors. They are the perfect hobby for watch lovers to pursue and now is the perfect time as the appeal of a vintage watch is stronger than ever. This is due to the fact that some have a high resale value meaning that, as a collector, it opens up the opportunity to switch up your collection if you fancy a change. It can sometimes be hard to know which watch to open your collection to, here we have listed some timepieces that are staples of their time and we consider them worth collecting. 

Omega Speedmaster:

Omega introduced their first chronograph in 1957, the Omega Speedmaster, which has become arguably one of their most defining timepieces. This watch is a great investment opportunity and is always in high demand, because of this it has inherited a well-known name in the industry. The 1970s Omega Speedmaster is becoming a collectors staple because of their stepped dials, which feature on the timepieces of this year. Despite its high valued status, the Omega Speedmaster still comes at an affordable price proven to hold its value over the years. 

Heuer Autavia:

The Heuer Autavia was first introduced in 1933 and was announced as being discontinued in the mid-1980s. Starting as a dashboard timer for automobiles, aviation and zeppelins which was then developed into a wrist chronograph in 1962 this timepiece has had its fair share of uses. The watch was bought back in 2019 for the new generation of watch connoisseurs, but the original statement watch is the one to look at. There is a strength between this watch and motorsports, with its recognisable and desired “rotating bezel, its large snailed counters and the excellent legibility of its black and white dial… all these facets made the Autavia even more fascinating to the eyes of collectors” (Time and Watches). With the large range of styles and designs you can almost guarantee that there is an Autavia that will cater to everyone's unique taste. 

Rolex Submariner:

First introduced in 1953, the Rolex Submariner is a vintage watch that is very much a classic. It was the first watch to achieve a 100-metre water resistance and features a 60-minute rotating timing diving bezel. Their value increases due to the recognisable names that wear them, such as Ralph Lauren, Steve McQueen and it is also the original watch of James Bond, which for many makes it desirable. For a watch collector, you won’t find many without one, if there was ever a sign to get one yourself this may be yours to bring one into your collection. 

Rolex Daytona:

Another Rolex model, the Daytona was first introduced in the 1960s for racing professionals. This meant that at the time it saw an impressive chronograph movement that made it stand out. Making it a great showpiece for those whose range consists of chronograph collectables. It is one of the best pre-owned Rolex watches for collectors to get their hands on and has been popular since it was first introduced in 1963. As the production levels have lessened its value has increased with time.

Which timepiece you decide to invest in entirely depends on your personal taste and preference. Once you have found the one for you then it is important to make sure that it is kept in pristine condition, especially if you are planning to sell the watch on. Taking it to specialist horologists for a service to make sure the performance doesn’t falter, is a must before resale or even if you are keeping it for display. Nothing is more impressive than a well kept pre 1970s vintage watch.

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