Item of The Week - Extremely Large French 9 light Chandelier

When it comes to designing or decorating your home, the style or theme you choose is very much down to personal choice.  Some people opt for minimalist, subtle and neutral décor, whilst others may opt for bold, bright & busy-looking styles.  Whatever your preference, picking out key pieces of furniture or furnishings can be so much fun and can also be detrimental in achieving ‘the look’ you are aiming for.

This weeks ‘Item of the Week’ is a piece that could suit a multitude of décors but is undoubtedly a luxurious statement furnishing, not for the faint hearted! So, if ‘the look’ you envisaged was one of opulence and glamour, then look no further! This extremely large French 9 Light Empire Chandelier with Albert Drops is a stunning example of lighting that will brighten up any home.

This 1940’s Chandelier may not be Antique yet, but at almost 80 years old, it is in superb condition and is fully rewired and ready to hang in your home. We’re sure you’d agree, this would be quite a sight behold as you enter a room and is a definite show stopper. Whether it be situated in a grand hallway or an extravagantly decorated living space, this Chandelier speaks for itself.

It boasts 9 lights and numerous vertical strings of crystals, which typically increase in size as they cascade towards the central hoop of the Chandelier.  The hoop is adorned with Albert drops and more beautiful crystals, as are the lower hoops which sit subtly underneath. And let’s not forget the delicate overhang of Albert drops which are presented at the top of the Chandelier.     

If you wish to grace your home with this incredible Chandelier, then it can be purchase from ‘Garden of England’ for £2,385


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