Antique Bookcases - Types

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Antique Bookcases - Types

Antique Breakfront Bookcases

Antique Breakfront Bookcases for sale

A breakfront bookcase is usually in three compartments with the middle section set slightly further forward than the side sections. These bookcases often feature lockable doors in the lower sections.

Antique Library Bookcases

Antique Library Bookcases for sale

Bookcases make a library. There hight and material determine the atmosphere just as much as the books on the shelves.

Antique Pair of Bookcases

Antique Pair of Bookcases for sale

A pair of bookcases can add grandeur to a room and offer a more symmetrical feel.

Antique Revolving Bookcases

Antique Revolving Bookcases for sale

Also designed for the storage of books, the revolving function makes it easy to access and store a number of books in a small place.

Antique Secretaire & Bureau Bookcases

Antique Secretaire & Bureau Bookcases for sale

A secretaire bookcases is enclosed. Usually with glazed lockable doors.