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Antique Micro Mosaic Framed Miniature Portrait c.1860 from The Antique Seller

This is an attractive 19th Century antique micro mosaic framed miniature portrait attractive in the shape of a horseshoe It is presented in very good condition one small white and


$353 €309

Antique Framed Miniature Portrait on Porcelain c.1825 from The Antique Seller

This is a 19th Century antique framed miniature portrait on porcelain plaque which is skilfully painted with a portrait of a beautiful Lady with floral garland and dressed in formal


$225 €197

Antique Georgian Miniature Portrait Study c.1800 from The Antique Seller

This is a Georgian antique miniature portrait study which is skilfully hand painted in great detail featuring a Lady in Bonnet and evening gown beautifully presented in good condition and


$353 €309

Antique Miniature Portrait Study c.1915 from The Antique Seller

This is an antique miniature portrait study which is hand drawn and coloured beautifully featuring a lady of the period in great detail set within a oval brass frameIt is


$161 €141

Antique Miniature Hand Painted Portrait Study c.1850 from The Antique Seller

This is a 19th Century antique miniature hand painted portrait study which is beautifully executed in a skilful manner This watercolour sketch of a young lady presented in a most


$193 €169

Beautiful Oval Oil on Glass Portrait Painting of Henrietta Maria c.1890 from Heritage Fine Antiques

We are delighted to offer this BEAUTIFUL OVAL OIL PORTRAIT OF HENRIETTA MARIA An elegant and beautiful portrait of Henrietta Maria as a little girl - as written on the


$642 €562

Antique Miniature Ornate Brass Gilded Frame with Watercolor Portrait of the Lady from Artsubject

Antique miniature ornate brass gilded frame with watercolor depicting a portrait of the lady under the glass The frame measures 6 cm in diameter of the part with glass and


$127 €111

Fine Antique Framed Miniature Continental Porcelain Panel c.1845 from The Antique Seller

This is a fine 19th Century antique framed miniature Continental porcelain panel by an important artist signed piece The rectangular porcelain plaque beautifully hand painted in great detail with a


$482 €422

18th Century Officer Miniature Portrait American Revolution from Celia Rose Antiques

This listing is for a stunning hand painted Miniature Portrait of I believe an officer of The American War of Independence dating to around 1780 The officer in his powdered


$495 €433

Miniature Portrait Prince Alfred 24mm High Enamel on Copper from Celia Rose Antiques

This Hand Painted Miniature Portrait of Prince Alfred Measures only 24mm in Height and 18mm wide painted in enamels on copper and housed in a gold plated locket pendant The


$315 €275

Ivory Miniature Portrait Painting of a Georgian Gentleman C.1800 from Heritage Fine Antiques

This is a lovely portrait of a young Georgian gentleman dressed in traditional attire of the era Painted intricately on ivory the gentlemans image is captured within a gold oval


$565 €495

Early Victorian Miniature from Jo Brayshaw

Early Victorian Miniature Hand painted miniature of a young woman mounted in a Rosewood frame with a gilt slip Nice old framers label to the reverse The frame measures 8


$212 €185

Victorian Silhouettes in Oak Frames from Jo Brayshaw

Pair of silhouettes in oak frames Very simple pair of mid Victorian Silhouettes mounted in lovely quality and again simple oak frames They each have their original brass hanging rings


$283 €247

Miniature Watercolour Portrait 19th Century from Rams Head Antiques

This is a delightful 19th century watercolour portrait of a Georgian beauty in Period dress with a large ribboned hat This is a well painted picture in watercolours on artists


$302 €264

Miniature Portrait on Porcelain 19th Century from Rams Head Antiques

This delightful 19th century portrait is superbly painted onto a porcelain plaque in the most stunning vibrant colours The portrait is in its original gilded frame and has exquisite detail


$366 €320

Miniature Portrait on Porcelain of Young Girl 19th Century from Rams Head Antiques

This is a beautiful painting of a young girl in continental dress superbly executed by the artist on a porcelain plaque The painting has stunning detail and lovely vibrant colours


$418 €365

Miniature Portrait Engraving Bartolozzi c.1800 from Rams Head Antiques

This is a delightful miniature portrait of Lord Viscount Petersham as a stipple engraving by Francesco Bartolozzi taken from the original painting by Joshua Reynolds 1723-1792The portrait is beautifully hand


$122 €107

Victorian Hand-Finished Portrait on Porcelain from Slade

We believe this to be a transfer-printed photograph onto porcelain that has been hand-finished The subject is a Victorian gentleman There are no signatures or title plaques but there is


$251 €219

Miniature Portrait On... From the Middle of the 19th Century from Chrisantique

This is a miniature oil painting portrait on from the middle of the 19th Century around the golden portrait with gold leaf everything is original small lack of decoration


$276 €242

Ecce Homo Portrait of Jesus Christ 18th Time from Chrisantique

ECCE HOMO portrait of JESUS CHRIST 18th time magnificent representation of ECCE HOMO wood painting oil on wood frame of age to restore normal paint wear


$642 €562

J. Forst - Pair of Early 20th Century Miniature Oil Portraits of Fishermen from Sulis Fine Art

A charming pair of miniature portrait paintings depicting fishermen drinking and smoking pipes Both artworks are identical in size and have plaques inscribed J Forst although there is little information


$526 €460